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brainplus is leading expert in professional ideas production:

  • Ideas generation
    The generation of ideas using different creativity methods.
  • Ideas management
    Project management supporting the practical implementation of ideas.
  • Creativity management
    Establishment of a creative climate in companies and institutions.

Are you looking for an idea? We'll find it for you! We use a wide range of creative techniques and bring ideas to the surface that will help you to overcome the individual challenges you are confronted with.

We guide you through the entire process of ideas production and help you with the practical implementation of your ideas.

Business promotion measures

brainplus is a leading expert in the implementation of the following business promotion measures:

  • Technology transfer
    Initiation and support of national and international technology transfer projects.
  • Business incubators
    Conception and management of business incubators.
  • Clusters
    Formation and management of business clusters.
  • Subsidies
    Provision of consultancy services for companies in connection with national and EU-wide subsidy programmes. 


brainplus develops and tests innovative training courses in the areas of vocational and adult education.

In addition to current content, innovative teaching and training methods are included in the development in the trainings.

The offer of brainplus consists of making a market survey, the creation of the curriculum and the teaching and learning materials. In addition, brainplus also offers target group-specific training tests.


Business areas

The company brainplus - Projektmanagment Schabereiter offers services in the following business areas



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